About Me

My name is Helena.
I was born in Barcelona, but recently moved to Seattle -with my four cats!
I'm Spanish, I'm Catalan... It's complicated.

I love cooking and traveling. 
I love animals and nature. 
I cook vegan recipes for vegans and non-vegans (and secretly hope they'll go veg someday). I cook for people who love good, tasty food.

This blog is dedicated to my grandma Andrea, who taught me how important is to cook with love.

Gracias yaya.

"Quatre Gats" = Four Cats... in Catalan


Anonymous said...

You've never met me, Helena, although I hope we meet one day. I'm your husband's uncle in California. I just wanted to say welcome to the USA, and that I like your website. :) Jim

Helena said...

Hi Jim! Thank you so much! :)

Basilbob said...


Makes me hungry just looking at the pictures. After our Indian meal at your house, I can't wait to try the Japanese and Spanish treats.

The blog site looks terrific.


Helena said...

Thank you Bob!!!!

What you just said makes me very happy :)

Big hugs

Anonymous said...


Evin said...

Hi Helena (and Jeff), LOVE that your blog is in English now. Always enjoyed reading it but this makes it easier for me given my limited Spanish. A few years ago, Jeff gave me the link to your blog when my husband (his friend Conor) and I were in BCN. We missed meeting you but I feel like I know you from your posts anyway. I write a few blogs myself (too many actually) but next week will be posting my American-ized Spanish omelet recipe with a link to your more authentic vegan one. It'll go up here: http://evinok.net/ Hope that you're well and that Seattle has thawed a bit after last week's snow. Take care!

Helena said...

Hi Evin!

Thanks for your comment!
I remember we couldn't meet in BCN... and you posted a comment on my Spanish blog :)
Hope we can meet someday -are you living in the US?

The traditional Spanish potato omelet is exactly the recipe you'll find here, but it has eggs instead of chickpea flour + soy milk.

I'm going to check your blog right now! :)